When Did This Happen?

I think I looked back once at my training for my first marathon and saw that I average just 20-30 miles per week.  I finished the marathon but I certainly wasn’t prepared for it.  I remember looking over a training plan for a later race and being flabbergasted at the prospect of running not one but two weeks that crested over 50 miles!  Surely I couldn’t run that many miles in such a short time span?  And then when I trained for my last goal race I averaged 55 miles per week with many in the 60s and one cresting over 70.

Right now I’m not following a training plan and I’m hitting 60-70 miles with ease.  When did this happen?  When did 50 miles per week go from unfathomable to an easy week?

I’m not complaining and I’m not bragging.  In fact I have absolutely no point here at all.  Carry on.


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