I Survived

My workout last night was tough but it was even harder to get to the treadmill and actually turn it on.  I stood on the treadmill for minutes fearing the workout to come.  But I did turn it on and I stayed true to the planned workout.  The workout is a pretty tough one: 2 miles of warm-up, rest/recovery, 25 minutes at threshold pace (6:44), 5 minutes of easy running/walking, 20 minutes at threshold, and then a cool-down.

I was shocked during the first threshold block that it felt pretty comfortable.  I really expected things to go badly.  The last five minutes of the second set were quite difficult for me but I did complete it.  I ended up singing out loud (well, not really singing but more like panting) words that seemed so appropriate at the time: “collapsing in on yourself, I don’t know why I try”.  I felt like I was collapsing on myself!

Best of all I didn’t think about work even once for more than an hour.  I finished the workout feeling good and feeling tired.


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