Yesterday it was cold but there was almost no wind.  I’ve missed the roads since I’ve been almost entirely on the treadmill for December.  I’ve run about 180 miles this month on the treadmill.  That’s really not a big deal but I do miss the road.  I had high hopes for this run but it was not to be.

It started out pretty good.  I was comfy.  I wasn’t slow.  I wasn’t fast.  It was what a good long run usually starts out as.  I felt slightly light headed and my muscles were tight but I expected that.  It takes time to loosen up and it was cold (about 25). One mile in I realized that I had forgotten to apply glide which meant I was in for a world of hurt and a day of walking like a cowboy.

Things did improve for a while but after about 10 miles I started to get very cold.  It kept getting worse.  I walked a lot to stay warm.  Whenever I ran I got extremely cold.  I stubbornly chugged out 20 miles and changed into dry clothes as soon as I was done.  I think that’s why I was so cold.  After 10 miles my shirts were likely saturated with sweat.  My hat had frozen sweat on it.

I suspect that I would have had a rough time on the treadmill too but not from being cold.  I miss the roads but I miss reasonable weather more than I miss the roads.


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