That's Service!

I usually buy my sneakers from Fleet Feet Rochester.  I could save about 10% or maybe slightly more if I bought online.  Sometimes I order online if there is a closeout deal or if I’m in a time crunch.  But most of the time I buy from Fleet Feet.  There’s one simple reason and it is not service.  It’s that Boots and Ellen and Fleet Feet do a ton for the local running community.  I don’t race very often and when I do it’s often out of town.  So the only real way to help keep them in business (I do not think they are struggling and I hope it stays that way) is to buy my sneakers from them.  I know I pay more and it is worth it to me.

I just ordered a new pair of my regular trainers: Mizuno Wave Precisions.  This is my second pair of version 11 of the Precisions. Every run I did with this particular pair has resulted in blisters.  I got a massive blister on my big toe and a small, yet intensely painful, blister under the nail of another toe.  I switched back to my old sneakers (same exact model and size) and didn’t have a problem.

I emailed Ellen and asked if it was possible to have a bad pair of shoes.  She said it was possible and offered to have me swap them out for a new pair!  I was not expecting that but I should know not to be surprised by things like this.  A while back Boots and Ellen gave me a fantastic Mizuno backpack.  I think a Mizuno rep gave it to them as a free sample.  This was a high quality “tri” backpack.  I already had a nice gym bag so I gave the bag to my friend (a budding triathlete at the time).


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