My Fear

I’ve pretty much never been a fan of dogs.  Growing up I was afraid of just about every dog, big or small.  I’ve since gotten over the fear and don’t mind most dogs.  I am afraid of dangerous species however.  There is a pitbull terrier on my long run route that makes me nervous.  Luckily the animal is rarely outside and it’s a relatively well populated street so if I am ever attacked I should at least survive.

A few years ago I unknowingly drove by the scene of a pitbull attack on my way to work.  I saw what looked like a bag of garbage on the street.  It turns out that was an elderly man who was just attacked by three pitbulls. The cops had already arrived or I would have felt very guilty about not helping (though I had no idea it was a person).  This was just one mile from my home.

I’m not really afraid but I am very aware of my surroundings and think about what I would need to do if I were attacked.

There were a couple of attacks this weekend in the city of Rochester:


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