Keeping Boston Special

In 2009 when I planned my first attempt to qualify for Boston I knew I wouldn’t get into the 2010 race.  The race had sold out weeks before I planned to qualify.   When registration for 2011 came around I was ready to go at my computer.  Due to registration glitches it took me about 45 minutes before I was able to register.  I was not alone.  Some people weren’t able to register at all.  Many people were shut out because the race sold out in less than 1 day.

That’s not what Boston is supposed to be about.  You are supposed be happy in knowing that you can run Boston once you prove yourself by earning a qualification time.  Having fast fingers isn’t supposed to be a requirement.  I’m happy to see that the BAA has plans to deal with this.

After numerous meetings and research, the BAA has narrowed its options to what race director Dave McGillivray called some “necessary adjustments’’ and “a few innovative approaches.’’ The final formula will involve a combination of adjustments to the qualifying standards, field size, and registration start date and window during which runners can qualify. It is highly unlikely any form of lottery will be instituted.

Boston Globe

I suspect they will tighten the qualification times.  Maybe that will give me a new focal point in my running.  Maybe not.  I think trying to get guaranteed entry into the NYC marathon is more alluring.


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