Mini Movie Review

Last night I went to see the Hood To Coast movie with my friend (and one of about two readers of this blog).

The very short review: The movie was OK.  It wasn’t worth the nearly $14 ticket price.

The slightly longer but still short review: The stories were OK.  The live broadcast “red carpet” interviews were uncomfortable to watch.  I was embarrassed on their behalf.  There was a story of an older woman, whom I didn’t like looking at*, who had died on the course during the previous year (cardiac arrest for somewhere around 2 minutes).  There was a touching story of a group running for a deceased friend/family member.  Then there was the comedic relief of a group of animators who were not at all in shape but ran for fun.  There was also the semi competitive masters runners, the Dead Jocks, who offered comedic relief.

Hood to Coast is the world’s  largest running relay.  I believe the measure of largest refers to the number of participants.  12,000 runners in relay teams of 12 trek nearly 200 miles from Mt. Hood to the beach.  They have slow runners start first.  This means that you get passed a lot.  It also means that most teams arrive at the beach at approximately the same time.

The Dead Jocks were my favorite story.  They are a group of masters runners (over 40 years old) who have been running Hood to Coast for a very long time, I believe more than 20 years.  They are good; they finish each year in the top 6 in their age group.  They remain competitive and yet they appeared to have the most fun too.  They blasted people with water guns, and made tunnels of power.  (I can’t remember exactly what they called it but I think it was a tunnel of power).   The tunnel of power was where they stood across from each other and made an arch with their hands so that runners could go through the tunnel.  They did this primarily for young women.

This movie didn’t inspire me about running as I had hoped it would.  It did however make me think about life and death and how much I love running.  Running brings me experiences that I would never have the courage to pursue  otherwise.  Running brings me closer to my friends.  We have so many stories after just a few short years of running together.  I hope someday to be like the guys in the Dead Jocks team: to still run with something to prove and have a blast doing it.

* not because she was old but because her hair seemed…unnatural.


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