2011 Disney Marathon (Goofy Part II)

2:30 AM  … buzzzzzzzzzzz!

me : “Oh God, already?  I want to sleep!  I do not want to run a marathon.”

me: “I hate John.  I should text someone to let them know.”

me: “Now that I have professed my hatred of John I should get ready.”

I love to run but I really, really, didn’t want to run a marathon that day.  I wanted to sleep.  I ran a decent half marathon the day before and was expecting to have a pretty rough day out there.  But not going wasn’t really an option so I forced myself through it.

It turns out that I did have a very rough day but not like I expected.  I thought I’d blow up around mile 16-20 due to lack of energy.  Instead I found myself pulled off the course time and time again massaging a painful abdominal muscle.  I estimate that I stopped running 15 times to deal with my stomach.  On top of that I stopped 5 times to pee. I stopped counting after I had stopped five times in the first 4 miles.  I tried to stay positive and for the most part I succeeded but I was a bit frustrated.

Late in the race some guy started chatting with me.  He had noticed that I had stopped many times because of my stomach.  This man was the savior of my race.  When I was talking with him my stomach did not hurt!  I was able to run for a few miles without stopping from pain!  He was having a tough time too.  He had run a very good half marathon the day before and was tired.  We talked and ran together for at least the last 10k of the race.

With a little over a mile left we stopped talking much as our pace quickened.  And as we stopped talking the pain in my stomach built.  With less than a mile to go I had to pull off to deal with my stomach again.  I didn’t want to finish looking like I was in horrible pain or with my hand crammed up into my rib cage.

I finished in a little over 3:26.  I was very happy!  I completed the entire Goofy’s Challenge in less than 5 hours (1:31 the day prior).  This was my sixth marathon and I’ve only done one marathon faster than this.  Considering my stomach issues I was extremely pleased!  I wonder if being forced to stop and walk so much actually helped my overall time by forcing me to pace myself.   I’ll never know.


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