One Of Those Runs

Yesterday I had “one of those runs.”  It was one of those runs that I hope for every time I lace up my shoes.  It didn’t start great but it ended up being wonderful.  At first I was just cruising along nice and slow.  I was very deep in thought, so much so that I couldn’t hear my music.  Eventually I loosened up mentally and physically.  And then things got good, really good.  I felt like I was possessed.  I cranked my tunes.  I song binged on a few songs.  I ran fast with no effort.  I could have run faster but was content to enjoy every last second of the run.  My 10-12 miles quickly turned into 13.1 but when I got to 13.1 the music was too good so I kept going.  After 14 miles  I still felt great.

My run yesterday was the best run of 2011 so far.  I hope to have more that even come close to that one.  But if they don’t at least I have this run to remember.

In 2010 I ran with a bunch of people from work for a 10 mile run.  They ran faster than I did.  After four miles I started to feel good even though I was alone by then.  I FLEW back.  I felt incredible.  After that run I said it was the best run of 2010.  At the time I had no idea that it would remain the single best run of 2010 (due to my stress fracture).

This year will be different.  This was just one of many outstanding runs ahead of me.  These runs are part of why I run.


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