Sometimes 80 Is More Than 80

Last week I had the best running week of my life.  Every single run felt fantastic.  I don’t just mean good, I mean really good.  I ran 6 times over 5 days as I’ve been doing for a long time.  I don’t remember ever having 6 consecutive runs that felt so good.  Because I felt so good I ran a lot.  I achieved a new weekly mileage record: 80.1 miles in one Monday through Sunday span.

Twice before I’ve crested just above 70 miles per week.  On both occasions it was a stunt.  By that I mean that I intentionally pushed myself too far to see a big number in my training log.  This time it wasn’t a stunt.  OK, it was partly a stunt.  During my long run I felt incredible and figured an extra four miles wouldn’t be such a bad idea and it would round me up to 80 (I threw in an extra .1 just in case my math, which is horrible during long runs, was wrong).  It was a stunt in that I wasn’t planning to run 24.1 miles on the treadmill that day but this time I felt great!

Even before I got home from the gym I texted and emailed anyone that I thought would care about my accomplishment.  I love having people around that care about me and my running.

But 80 means a little more to me than just having a new mileage record.  Last spring I was determined to break 3 hours at a fall marathon.  I remember saying that I was willing to run 80 mile weeks if that was what it would take.  That was about the time I got a stress fracture and was sidelined all summer.  Ironically I don’t care about breaking 3 hours anymore.  It’d be nice and I still want to do it but it’s not the most important thing to me anymore.

And hey, now I have bragging rights!  Not just for the 80 mile week but because I endured 24.1 miles on a treadmill!  Most people hate treadmills but I made friends with that treadmill and we had a wonderful Sunday morning together!


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