Oh The Shame!

Last night I skipped my workout with the running club.  This is significant for me.  I do not skip workouts.  It’s simple really, the shame I feel for skipping a workout is more painful than the pain I’d feel if I suffered through the workout.  In the rare times that I skip, like last night, I invariably end up grumpy because I’m upset with myself for not working hard enough.  It doesn’t matter how much I justify it, I feel lazy when I don’t do what I planned.  It doesn’t matter how much other people convince me that I’m doing the right thing: I don’t believe them.  The people that are best at what they do, be it sports, business, or anything else are that way because they work hard.  They don’t skip important business meetings because they are tired.  They find a way.

…On the other hand sometimes skipping out on a commitment is the best thing.  It’s just really hard to figure out when it is the right thing to do.


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