Why Run?

Runners are strange.  What’s the point in running really?  Unless you are a runner you probably don’t understand that running is more than just getting exercise.  I suppose for some people it really is just about exercise but if you are in good health and you consider yourself a runner then you probably don’t think about your health.  It just becomes a nice side benefit.

People will tell you running feels good, and it does, sometimes amazingly so.   I run to feel good.  As a side benefit I look better and my general health is better.  But I also run as penance.  Yes, penance.  Sometimes runs are hard both mentally and physically. I crave those runs almost as much as I crave the runs that make me feel fantastic.  It’s not logical but when I’m down on myself the only thing I can think about doing is running until I simply can not take another step.  I remember one night about 10 years ago when something happened that upset me greatly.  I wasn’t a runner yet, that didn’t happen for at least another 5 years, but I went out in the middle of the night and ran.  I ran because I wanted to feel bad.  Running makes me feel good and bad and I crave both of those extremes.


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