Don't Screw It Up!

Things had been going very well.  I posted an incredible 80 mile week (incredible particularly in how it felt).  Then I had a bunch of 60 mile weeks.  Now I’m struggling.  Last week I took a day off of running due to a strange pain in my left leg.  But the weather was nice and I could not resist going outside to run even though rest would have been the best thing for me.  Last Thursday I ran 9 miles in the afternoon and another 12 in the evening.  It was wonderful.  The 12 miler was my first run of the year shirtless and, even though I felt slow, I ended up posting a very good time for me (maybe if I didn’t wear lead shirts my other runs would be faster).  But my long run yesterday was a failure.  After just 4.4 miles I stopped and walked two miles to get a ride home.

Now I’m plagued with fatigue, “mental fog”, and a painful left leg.  I just had some blood work done to see if my iron levels are in check.  I’ve had trouble with that before and felt similarly.  However, the fatigue feels like it hit me all at once this time.  This weekend I spent about 30 minutes cleaning my kitchen and had to lay down afterward!

With only a month left before Boston I have to do something.  I’m going to stop running until my leg is 100% back to normal no matter how nice the weather is.  If my iron turns out to be low I’ll pop three pills a day to get it as good as I can before the race.  I’ll rest.  All this starts today which is why I stayed home from work — to rest.


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