Two Years in the Making

As I ran today I reflected on my Boston saga as it will soon come to a close.

  • Spring 2009: My easy runs started becoming fast (near 7:30 min/mile)
  • May 2009: I broke 1:30 in a half marathon and started to think I could qualify for Boston
  • Summer 2009: I trained my ass off
  • Fall 2009: I was slammed with fatigue and depression.  Both were traced to low iron stores (ferritin)
  • November 2009: Boston 2010 sells out.  Even if I qualify I couldn’t run Boston until 2011 and that isn’t certain as they could change qualification rules.
  • December 6th 2009: I DID IT!  I ran a qualifying time.  During the race I went from optimism to doubt to being convinced I could do it.  Celebration was cut short by a night in the hospital following the race.
  • October 2010: I threw a fit like a spoiled child as I struggled for more than 40 minutes to register for Boston 2011.  Every time I attempted to submit the registration form it would end up blank and I would have to start over!  After a lot of cursing and making my coworkers wonder about my sanity I was a confirmed registrant.
  • Winter 2010/2011: my strongest winter of training ever.
  • Early Spring 2011: extreme exhaustion and minor injuries plague me.
  • Today: A nice easy 6 mile run convinces me that I’m ready for this race and have the ability for a PR under the right conditions…and the weather conditions look favorable!
  • Monday April 18th, 2011: ???

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