Streaking in the Quad!

OK, not really but most people think I streak because I’m incredibly narcissistic. They’re right.

My point, and I do have one (thank you Ellen), is that I’m on my longest running streak of all time. I’m about to head out for a run and this will be my seventh consecutive day of running. Because I’ve been running every day I have monster mileage this week.

Now, shall we take bets? Will I be injured in a week or two?  Will I resurrect my “Stress Fracture” blog category?

Update: what a strange and wonderful run!  16 VERY lonely miles.  I got caught in a thunderstorm and yet, even after 2 hours, I did not want to be done.  I just walked around in the rain.  I ran more miles this week than the last two weeks COMBINED (72 this week).


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