Was it Real?

Last Sunday I had a long, slow, and HOT run.  I saw a strange sight.  I saw about a half dozen crows off the road in the grass.  One of them looked as though it had been struck by a car.  I wondered if crows have a mourning ritual and maybe it was a crow funeral.  But then I realized that the crows were not moving at all.  Then I wondered if they were some sort of “scare crow” to scare some animals other than crows.  I didn’t question my sanity right away.

I couldn’t shake this vision from my head and the more I thought about it the less sense it made.  I really wonder now if I was hallucinating.  I was having trouble running in a straight line and felt quite dizzy.  I knew I didn’t have enough fluid but I didn’t think I was in that rough shape.  Last night I was out for another run and I looked for fake crows and there were none.  Now I really wonder if I hallucinated.

I hope it was real.  Because if I am going to hallucinate it should be a hell of a lot more interesting than crow mannequins.  I still believe that when I saw Spiderman it was real…but this, I don’t know…


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