High Water Mark Syndrome

I have a problem and I’ve named it the High Water Mark Syndrome.  My problem is simple, once I achieve something I expect that I can do it again.  That, by itself, is fine.  In fact it’s a good attitude to have to because it is true.  Most of the time you CAN repeat a previous accomplishment.  That’s not High Water Mark Syndrome.  HWMS is when you expect to do it everytime.

If I once ran a 20 mile run during training at a 7:18/mile pace then my HWMS brain says that I should do that every time.  If I ran a 6:30/mile pace for a half marathon then HWMS says that I had better do at least that for every race.  I take it even farther.  If I ran a 6:30 for a half then I must do significantly better for shorter races.   The killer of HWMS is that, when you inevitably do not meet your expectations, you face disappointment in yourself.

Am I not trying hard enough or am I being a wimp?   When do you know when it’s time to let go of the past?


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