Runner Face

This sounds pretty ridiculous to me because we runners are the best looking bunch out there (except triathletes because …  well I don’t know WHY but they look better than we do).  There is a surgeon that wants to fix your runner face.  He wants to make your face fat.  At least that’s what I read.


4 responses to “Runner Face

  1. I’m on bad side of my 30’s, 6’1″, go around 284, and am running my first half Marathon next week. Please God, let me get runner’s face!

  2. This was already all sorts of ridiculous but then I read Greg’s comment on it and am now literally laughing out loud!!!!!!!!! Oh the shit they come up with…

  3. Runners face is real and most of these female runners I see look very aged and haggard. Its quite typical actually. Runners are a superficial bunch and being bulimic has nothing to do with being the “best looking” bunch. In fact quite the opposite. All of you are revolting.

    • Joe, you’re so nice! I hope we cross paths some day. It’d be really great to be around such a warm and pleasant person.

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