Ride Ataxia


I'm the guy in blue with the spandex maxi-pants.

Last weekend I went on a road trip with my friends to the Philly for a 50 mile charity ride, Ride Ataxia.  I didn’t care that I hadn’t been on a bike barely at all this summer.  I didn’t care that the bike I’d be riding I hadn’t been on outside of my quiet little street.  I had lots of reasons to say no but when it came down to it I said yes because I wanted another adventure.  I firmly believe that the more adventures you have in your life the fuller your life is.  More and more I have stopped listening to the voice that tells me why I shouldn’t try something, why I shouldn’t take a risk.  I still have work to do…but I’m getting there.  I want my life to be full of adventures.

This was a charity fun ride and not a race.  It’s a good thing because I am weak on the bike and the elevation profile frightened me:

At first I was a bit awkward on the bike.  The initial decent frightened me but I honestly enjoyed being frightened.  It made me feel like I did when I used to ski.  I’d be flying down the hill and when I reached the bottom I was going so fast that natural forces made it difficult to keep upright.  It’s a lot of speed on the bike or on skis and wiping out would mean some serious damage.  Risks like that make me feel alive.

The ride was great!  There were three aid stations stocked with everything from homemade breads to cliff bars and Powerade.  The course was well marked and the volunteers were friendly.  Possibly because we were so slow there were very few riders near us.  And, unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to hold a conversation while riding so the ride was a bit solitary.  After about 40 miles I was tired and hungry and would have been happy if we didn’t have another 10 to go.  The additional 10 were worth it for the FEAST that was provided at the finish!

The finish feature as much food as you could eat from Outback, Carabas, and Bonefish Grill.  They had salmon, mahi-mahi, steak, chicken, ribs, veggie type stuff, and on and on.   I just about never overeat and I don’t use food as a reward but I thoroughly enjoyed refueling after this ride.

More than anything else I enjoyed a weekend away — a new adventure.  A lot of cool things happened and it was great to feel so free.  My next adventure is Sunday.  I’m going to let out my dirty side at GVH Mudslog.




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