Catching Up

Looking back it’s been about 1 year since I updated my blog. For the most part I’m OK with being like hordes of other bloggers. Our lives get busy, maybe our interests change, and that’s fine. That’s what happens to most people. I do wish I had, at least, kept up on my race reports. I’ve been running and I’ve been running races here and there but I’ve kept to myself about most of it. My life has changed dramatically (divorce, moving several times, etc, etc)  in the last year and I have not been focused very much on running.  I refuse to let the responsibilities and challenges in my life be an excuse to let running lag (and ironically I’m thinking about skipping a run today!).  Anyhow, this are brief recaps of the races I’ve run in the past year or so.

Back in January I ran the Miami Half Marathon.  It is my tradition to go to Florida every year to visit my sister.  We use this race as an excuse to spend time together.  This race, as I recall, did not go well for me!  I didn’t quite break 1:30, which is my standard benchmark for having an acceptable race.  According to my notes I had to tie my shoe once.  I also remember that I had some GI cramping issues.  I was very happy when this race was over. 1:30:42 (6:56/mile)

In the beginning of April I ran, as I have for about 7 years now, the Spring Forward Distance Run.  It’s a local hilly 15k.  By now I have very little recollection of this race.  My notes mention that my foot went numb, and I remember that.  I was having issues early this year with my calves being excessively tight and my foot would go numb because of that.  It happened during this race and I had only one option: to run on a numb foot.  I did and I still ran a good race.  1:03:48 (6:51/mile)

Almost a month after the Spring Forward 15k I ran one of my favorite races of the year, the Flower City Half Marathon.  Sadly I didn’t write any interesting notes for this race and I’m not sure exactly what happened that day.  I can tell that I had a good day.  I managed to run a 1:27:16 (6:40/mile). I even placed third in my age group.

About three weeks after that race I ran two races back to back.  I ran a the Medved Lilac 5k and 10k.  I believe I had started my training (more on that later) or at least I was at the end of a heavy volume week.  I wasn’t planning to race either of this.  I went to spend some time with my girlfriend and because I love the atmosphere of races.  The 5k served as a nice warmup, I ran that in 22:24 (7:19/mile).  During the 10k I felt decent and pushed pretty hard.  I did well, a 40:32 (6:30/mile).  I was quite close to breaking 40 minutes.  I remember thinking that I might have been able to do it if I had tapered even slightly for the race.

Fast forward more than three months to early September.  I had been training very hard for quite some time and the training plan called for a tune-up race.  I answered the call by racing the Summer Fest 12k.  This was a return to racing in some ways for me.  I was a little nervous even though the race didn’t mean much.  I knew I’d race it and I hoped to do well because it was a benchmark to measure my ability for my goals in my upcoming marathon.  It poured just before the race started but stopped before the gun fired.  My goal was to average about a 6:25 pace.  In the first mile my shoe came untied.  As I stopped to tie it it got knotted.  It took about 30 seconds to fix the problem.  Later in the race the same thing happened, sans knot.  The second time was about a 15 second break.  I recovered from that pretty well and the anger may have helped me to run faster.  I was very happy with this race.  I ran a 48:47 (6:33/mile).  Though it was significantly off of my goal pace I was still happy.  I was third in my age group, 9th overall, and 7th male.

And that is the recap.  I have one more race to write about but that deserves its own post.


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