2013 Spring Forward

I waited too long to post about this race!  I really don’t remember much of it anymore.  I am posting for completeness really (but I guess I screwed that up in a way as it is).  I did well at this race.  I even did better than 2012.  That is shocking because I was in much better shape in 2012.  I haven’t been running much volume and haven’t done any speedwork.

Last year I ran roughly the same overall time but I had problems with my foot going numb and stopped numerous times to stretch.  This year the race went well!  It was just about running this time.

I finished in 1:03:42 and placed 4th in my age group.  I did much better than I expected and I was very happy with the result.  I believe this is the fastest I’ve run that course.

Approximate splits:
1 6:56
2 7:10
3 6:51
4 6:58
5 6:41
6 6:52
7 6:36
8 6:41
9 7:04
.3 1:54 (6:20)


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