2013 Corporate Challenge


Heel Striker!

7 years ago I ran my first race at the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge.  I ran again in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011.  I did not run in 2010 due to injury and in 2012 my company did not participate.

This year was different from all of the others.  This year I took the lead at Poseidon Systems to organize the event for our company.  What this means is that I planned to have all of the goodies we would need for a fun evening.  Food, a tent, a table, a grill, etc, etc.  Luckily my girl is among the best cooks in the world and a fantastic event planner.  She took the lead for me on dealing with the food aspect.  I did not plan well for the rest of the event…  We had everything we needed but it could have gone much smoother (due to lack of planning on my part).  Next year will be better!

This was a race for me and not just a social event!

In years past I competed with a co-worker.  We no longer work together due to an acquisition.  In addition his company was not present for the event.  It makes me sad that they were not there.  At the same time I was happy  because I knew I was not in shape to beat him this year!  My training has not been what it once was.

This is the first year I’ve run the Corporate Challenge with chip timing and waves!  It was a pleasure to not have to dodge walkers!  I lined up with a running friend and we made small talk as he yawned waiting for our race to begin.  The world championship event went off minutes before we did.  That’s cool but I feel badly for the winners from last year  in Rochester…they received a free trip to Rochester!  Yippee…

I started out pretty quick and was surprised and happy to see a pace of 6:05 as we approached the first mile marker.  I took 2 or 3 cups of water and dumped most of it on my head.  I put some water in my mouth but mostly spit it out.  I pushed hard to manage 6:12 for the second mile.  I was slowing but 7 seconds was not enough to concern me.  At this point I was running with the 4th overall female.  She was hurting like I was…but I wasn’t in 4th place!  I was closer to 50th.  Still, she encouraged ME to keep moving!!!  The two of us pushed on.  The third mile was slower at 6:24.  I have to admit that I was a bit discouraged about that split.  Shortly after that mark I told the woman that we have only 800 meters!  It’s just an interval workout!  We pushed and I gained a slight “lead” over her.  At this point I dearly missed the competitor I had for previous years (Mike Koelemay).  I was “alone” and the only thing spurring me on was my own drive for a good finish time.  That’s a strong drive but I’m a man and we simply don’t like to be beaten…

I finished the race in 21:41 — a 6:12 pace.  I expected close to a 6:30 pace so I was quite pleased!  The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the company of … well … my company.  The company I work for that is.  Next year will be better.  I will finish faster and I will plan for the event better.

One of the highlights for me was seeing my girlfriend (the kick ass cook mentioned above) exceeding her expectations YET AGAIN).  She’s in the midst of a breakthrough in running and it’s very exciting to watch!

I may be slower but I’m enjoying life more than ever.  Sure, I’m drinking more caffeine and I enjoy an adult beverage most nights but I’m still faster than many people I know.  I am faster than those that shun alcohol apparently in the name of performance (or to feel superior, I’m not sure the true motivation).

Approximate Splits:

1 6:05

2 6:12

3 6:24

.5 3:03 (6:06)


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