2013 B.A.A. 10 KM

Me and my Lady.

Me and my Lady.

This was only my fourth 10km race!  Amber convinced me (with very little encouragement) to run this 10k.  I had fairly low expecatations going into this race for a number of reasons.

I would not say that my training has been going well.  My mileage has been significantly lower than what I’ve been accustomed to for quite some time.  I’ve been working towards increasing my mileage, and I’ve made progress, but this is a work in progress.  My training paces have been somewhat disappointing to me.  I’ve also had some minor pain in my shin.  I know…call the whaaaaaaambulance!

I did a mini-taper for this race.  I wanted/needed to see what my body is currently capable of.  The day before the race we walked around Boston quite a bit enjoying the company of our friends, Mike, Jamie, and Crystal.  At dinner I did not order something carb heavy.  Instead I ordered a salad as my body just felt full.  I needed something light.  I was actually rather concerned about this choice but I REALLY didn’t want something heavy.

The morning of the race I woke up feeling a bit tired — that’s a bad sign!  But, very quickly, I woke up and had a very good feeling about the morning.  Amber and I made our way to the start (I love mass transit; the “T” is inexpensive and wickedly convenient).  The race started and ended at Boston Commons; it is so beautiful!  Before the race I made my lady pose for a picture with me (which she generally avoids but she did this for me).  The picture (above) is quite excellent and I’m very happy that I made that happen!

I ran a very short warmup along the hill on Beacon St.  My legs felt like GARBAGE…at first.  By the time I got back to my peeps my legs felt significantly better and it was a rather short warmup.  At this point I had a good feeling!

I shoved my way towards the start line as I knew where I should be placed.  The race started; my music started; my heart started.  Yup, my heart started.  I feel so alive when I race!  I felt good.  I felt happy.  I was in a strange peaceful place.  My expectations were very low but at the first mile my spirit lifted!  6:30?!  Hmm, I felt comfortable so maybe I should shoot for a PR, or maybe break 40 minutes?  I dismissed the  idea of breaking 40 relatively quickly but maybe that was a dumb choice.

I had some strange and unexpected emotions while running this race.  I did not put this in my Boston Marathon race report  but I finished that race to Kataklysm’s “Crippled and Broken.”  My playlist for the 10k had many Kataklysm songs.  I thought of the people that could not finish the marathon as we ran through the area where they were stopped.  When “In Shadows and Dust” came on I could not control myself and took off up the hill!  It was my slowest mile but I can guarantee that it would have been 15 seconds slower without that song! Later in the race “Iron Will” came on and that made me think of the will to persevere.  The race was not 100% inspired by Kataklysm.  Nearing the finish I listened to Five Finger Death Punch’s “Pride”: “I will not be forgotten; this is my time to shine; I’ve got the scars to prove that only the strong survive!”

The miles melted away.  My splits were consistent…up until the end at least.  No, I didn’t slow down, I got faster!  My second 5k was approximately 45 seconds faster than the first!  Perhaps this was due to seeing a big smile on Amber’s face as we passed each other on the out-and-back (I was worried about her as an injury has been troubling to her).  This was a PR for me at 40:13!  I placed in the top 6% off my gender and age group in a competitive field.  I am proud and will get even better.

This race has restored a bit of confidence in my running.  I need to keep working but I am proud of this.  Best of all I had a great weekend with friends and my closest family member.

Approximate splits:

1 6:30
2 6:36
3 6:42
4 6:30
5 6:32
6 6:19
.21 1:11 (5:39 pace)

Z (6)


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