2013 Ostrander Beer Mile


Had I known that we were going to run a beer mile perhaps I wouldn’t have downed three beers.  Maybe I also would not have spent my time dehydrating myself in the sun by the pool!  Regardless, when I learned that a 1/4 mile course had been measured there was no way that I was going to back down from this experience!

A beer mile is when you down 1 beer then run a 1/4 mile until you have completed 1 mile.  If you vomit you must run an additional 1/4 mile but are not required to down a 5th beer.  You’d think that the alcohol would be a problem.  It’s not!  It’s the sheer VOLUME of fluid sitting in your stomach.  It took me more than 20 minutes and I’m PROUD of that!

Our friend Mike chose the penalty lap route and TROUNCED the field.  I’m not sure I want to vomit but I think his technique is sound!  Next year folks…next year will be different!


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