2013 B.A.A. Half Marathon

Three weeks prior to this race I ran my twenty-second half marathon.   This race, the BAA Half Marathon, is a dramatic contrast to the previous.  At the previous race I was focused.  I tapered (and nearly went insane in the process).  I worried about nutrition and sleep.  This time the race wasn’t really on my mind very much.

After having a solid performance at Rochester my ego was over inflated.  I thought, even though I wasn’t minding details like rest and hydration, that I could manage a 1:30.  I didn’t come close!  I did manage a 1:35 and that doesn’t disappoint me.  I put in the a high level of effort.  It wasn’t the same effort as the Rochester Half but I certainly was trying.  It’s just that, on tired legs and a hilly course, I wasn’t prepared to run a 1:30.

Sleep matters.  Nutrition matters.  Hydration matters.  Being mindful of caffeine and alcohol intake matters.  All of these details matter if what you want is a great race performance.  That weekend the race was close to not being on my mind at all.

What actually was on my mind for the weekend was successful.  I planned for it.  I thought through the important details.  I worked through the timing and the logistics.  It wasn’t complicated but it was important.  The day before the race I formally asked Amber to be mine forever; to take my last name.   This all happened at Rowe’s Wharf.  I also made reservations at a restaurant there that I knew she’d love.  We had a wonderful day.  I got to see her smile almost constantly.

Sometimes races are important.  Sometimes they aren’t.  We’re very happy!


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