2014 Flower City Half Marathon

It was never a question if I’d run the Flower City Half Marathon.  It didn’t matter that I would be racing (against myself) at the Boston Marathon six days prior.  Nor did it matter to Amber that she’d be racing at the Flying Pig Marathon one week later.  I’ve run this event for each of the five years it has been existence and virtually nothing will prevent me from participating each year.

The plan for this race was to keep Amber in check; to keep her from running too fast and ruining her chances for an ideal race the following weekend.  That was the plan at least.  As the race started I watched as Amber darted off.  I held my pace and hoped that she’d remember I was there somewhere.  I could see her looking for me from time to time and, eventually, we did reach each other again.  Generally Amber ran 10-50 feet in front of me and, occasionally, would slow down.  I suspect that she would run on her own for approximately 0.9 miles and then slow down so that she would hit her target splits.  This continued for 11 miles.  For the last 2.1 miles we ran faster and actually ran together…well except for when I charged at high speed towards a sign that displays speed.  I got it to register 14 miles per hour!

This event was like any other time I have “paced” Amber.  She runs at a variable distance ahead of me for the majority of the run!  I think that we ran this slightly too fast.  I don’t think it was overly detrimental to her race performance but I do believe it had a small negative effect.

Other than being a little cold I was very comfortable during the race.  I felt good during the race but became incredibly sore very quickly after the race.  I am not sure I will ever fully get used to what it takes to recover from a marathon.  The soreness was shocking to me.  I was more sore from this event than from racing the Boston Marathon!

This was my 25th half marathon and 5th Flower City Half Marathon.  I’ll be running this event every year unless it somehow becomes impossible.


1 8:32

2 8:13

3 8:22

4 8:13

5 8:25

6 8:16

7 8:37

8 8:47

9 8:32

10 8:26

11 8:25

12 7:55

13 7:29

.1 6:54 pace.


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