2014 B.A.A. Half Marathon


Last year I ran the Rochester Half closely followed by the B.A.A. Half.  Last year I had a great performance at Rochester and a lackluster performance in Boston.  This year was a different story.

Last year I ran my heart out in Rochester and far exceeded my expectations.  This year I ran that race  about a minute slower than I should hav.  But I went and “totally redeemed myself” at the B.A.A. Half!  I remember struggling at this race last year.  My report was true; at the time I did not care very much about my race performance.  I had asked Amber to be mine forever…that was what the weekend was about last year.  This year it was about spending time together.  I was sent on a work trip for the week leading up to the race.  In fact I had to cut the work trip short to be home in time to travel to Boston!

Due to my affinity for credit card point systems we stayed, at no charge, in an amazing suite in an area of Boston we’ve never seen!  It was nice to not be a slave to the ‘T’; to walk to restaurants.  Amber, being an impulsive planner, found a great restaurant with half-priced food.  We’re getting smart about being efficient with our money…things like that happen in a family of five!

The race turned for me when I high-fived two small children.  Maybe they gave me “power” even if it wasn’t in the form of a silly band (this is a reference for close family).  Maybe it was the caffeine from my gel.  Truly it doesn’t matter.   It was around 9 miles into the race and I felt great!  This was the difficult portion of the race and I was running with a smile.

My successful races are when I pass people late in the race.  That is what happened after the magical high fives!  I had added a new song to my playlist.  It played in the last portion of the race.  This race finishes in a small “stadium” on a track.  As I approached the track I was singing aloud and I didn’t care.  Maybe I looked stupid but so what?  I don’t know these people.  I suspect that the racers I passed hated me for singing.  I hope that the spectators were inspired; “that guy is SINGING (terribly)!  He’s so happy and running so hard!  Maybe I should try it?”  I knew I had done well.  I don’t know how I knew but I did.  As I pushed through the finish line the words “the day has finally come” echoed through my ears.  I’ll be honest…I thought it said “let death finally come.”  Both versions work.  I was ready to be done.  I was ready for a successful day.  Indeed it was!  I placed 12th out of 421 in my age group!  I’m proud.  Very proud.  It’s time to do more work.


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