Soul Destroyer

The Crew

The Crew

Soul destroyer come to me

Give me shelter or give me death

Soul destroyer envy me

Bring me solace or bring me death

These where the lyrics blasting through my ears as I approached and crossed the finish line.  The incredible searing pain in my legs made me wish for solace (and almost wish for death).  It was not a horrible day but it ranks high among my worst marathon performances.

I hope that my experience is a lesson to others: a Boston Qualifying time is never a given.  Even with numerous prior qualifying times under your belt hard work and effort are still require .  The requisite hard work and dedication is precisely what makes qualifying for the Boston Marathon so special.  Most people can achieve a qualifying time but it takes a very high level of dedication, commitment, and hard work.  I admire those who achieve this accomplishment. Continue reading


The Sixth Time is Not a Charm


This was my sixth consecutive Flower City Challenge Half Marathon.  Training all through the winter had been remarkably good.  When I had stepped off of the treadmill and onto roads about one month prior to this race something wasn’t right.  I was concerned but hopeful that everything would be OK for the race.  I intended to push.  I hoped to run the fastest I’ve ever run that course but as race day approached my observations forced me to lower my expectations.  By the time race day came I had very low expectations but I was still full of hope that things would go well.

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Second Annual Rowe Marathon

15861499202_ccbbd6a285_kWe did it again!  Approximately one year prior Amber organized the first Rowe Marathon and Half Marathon. Last year was so successful due to the help from friends that our numbers grew.  There were approximately 10 runners participating in the half and one, me, participating in the full on November 23rd, 2014.  This race started last year for the purpose of reminding me of the difficulty of the marathon distance.  My experience last year was quite different from this year.

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2014 GVH Mudslog


4 years ago I set foot for the very first time on trails for a run — the Jensen Stables Ultimate XC Challenge (now GVH Mudslog).  So many runners have a religious experience about trails and they aren’t afraid to proclaim.  They tell those that run roads that they are missing out; that roads are not only inferior but dangerous and perhaps even worse than sitting on your couch.  So I tried it back then and I didn’t hate it but I certainly didn’t understand the hype.  Over the years I haven’t had much chance to run the race as I’ve had other obligations and preferences.  This year I made my return.

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