2014 Rochester Riverchase

With only a few days leading up to this race I plunked down a fairly substantial amount of money for a small and short race.  I registered for this race for two reasons.  First I wanted a spark to reignite my passion for running.  Second I was intrigued by the handicapped nature of this race.  The idea is that anyone can win the race.  It’s all about running a great race relative to your own ability.  I had a pretty good race.

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2014 B.A.A 10k

(All italicized words should be read in the voice of Morgan Freeman).

Little did Gregory know that this weekend would not go as Mr. Rowe had planned it.  Instead it would be a comedic diorama for the amusement of  a gathering of supernatural beings.  The trip started almost as it normally would.  Mr. Rowe’s car did not have functioning air conditioning so the ever powerful priceline.com was used to rectify potential discomfort.

You get a free upgrade to a Chevy Captiva!” said the clerk at Avis.

“What is it?” asked Mr. Rowe.

“It’s a mini SUV!”

Surely had the clerk known Gregory she would not have expressed such enthusiasm over renting him a heavy, gigantic “piece” of American machinery.

Uhh…I’m worried about the gas mileage on it.” Greg stated with clear trepidation.

“It’s based on a car chassis so I’m sure it’s good.”

“Oh, well OK then.  Does it have EZ Pass?”

“Yes, of course.”

Gregory found the behemoth and rode the beast home to pick up his lady.

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2014 Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is a special event.  It is the event that most recreational runners aspire to.  Myself, like so many before and after, thought the paces required to qualify for the event were out of reach.  Eventually the gap between my ability and the race standards was small enough that I started to believe that I could do it.  In 209 I qualified for the first time.  My first Boston Marathon experience was 2011.  This year marks my third and my best experience to date.

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2014 Flower City Half Marathon

It was never a question if I’d run the Flower City Half Marathon.  It didn’t matter that I would be racing (against myself) at the Boston Marathon six days prior.  Nor did it matter to Amber that she’d be racing at the Flying Pig Marathon one week later.  I’ve run this event for each of the five years it has been existence and virtually nothing will prevent me from participating each year.

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