Sneakers are Efficient

This blurb from Runner’s World is kind of interesting.  The summary is that, in the small group studied, the runners were more efficient when wearing sneakers.  Does this imply that runners should wear more clothing?  I certainly hope not.


NYC Tightens Entry Standards

Many people don’t even realize that you can get into the NYC marathon by running a qualifying marathon or half marathon.  Their standards are high and most people get into the race using their lottery system.  They have decided to tighten their standards further.  It used to be that a man of my age would need to run a 1:23 half marathon or a 2:55 marathon for guaranteed entry.  Now I would need to run a 1:19 half or 2:45 marathon.  Ouch.


Jensen Renamed

Local runners and those who wants to have one hell of a good time should be informed that the Genesee Valley Harriers (GVH) renamed the Jensen Stables Ultimate XC Challenge to GVH Mudslog XC.  It should be the same awesome event (though they change elements of the course each year).  It’s coming up soon (October 16th).

My report  from last year.

I HIGHLY encourage people to run this event!   You won’t regret it.  Plan on discarding your shoes after the event.

Run on Soft Surfaces?

Many people will tell you that you should run on soft surfaces like dirt and grass to decrease the shock your body absorbs when running.  It’s been shown that stress fracture are a repetative stress type injury so reason would say that avoiding unforgiving surfaces should reduce the chance of a stress fracture.  Maybe it does.  Maybe it doesn’t.